30ml New Health Skin Care Herbal Nail Repair Treatment Essential Oil


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Place of Origin:China
Shelf Life:3 Years
The Main ingredient:water,ethanol,butanediol,Mazhi amaranth extract,Speranskia extract,worm wood Boric acid,rhubarb,Saivia, Sophora, Scrophulari acease extract,kudzu root and other herbal flavor secret agent from the syetem.

Effect:With taiwan Angelica,Sophora and other herbal medicine ingredients can quickly penetrate deep dense layer deck Ha kill deep fungal mutant strains under the amor,which can be adjusted drug conditioning transformative collective action to restore the affected area of antibacterial immunity,chamomile stromal ceels can promote regeneration and repair damaged cells Gene,accelerate metabolisem A qualitative growth,shell layer of A quality,and promote the growth of the new deck A more complete grow ginger.


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