Automatic Feeder For Pet Dog Cat Water Dispenser Set Removable


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Material: Resin
Color: white
Applicable objects: cats and dogs
Package Included:1pc * pet dog cat automatic feeder

  • Opaque design to keep away from light and keep it fresher: keep pet food away from light, and the surface is opaque to avoid direct sunlight, fresher food intake, and healthier pets
  • The food road “no traffic jam” and delicious food is not late: the shovel officer can be absent for short trips and travel more at ease
  • The siphon principle automatically refills the water. Gravity replenishment does not block the grain: the light outlet design controls the height of the water level. The gravity replenishment system can automatically replenish the grain to the base.
  • The small body has great connotations. The hairball star is specially designed for pets. It is smaller and simpler than before but still contains indisputable performance. It can save about 3.8L of water/2.1KG of pet dry food to easily meet pet feeding needs
  • Fully detachable design, easy cleaning, worry-free feeding bowl and water bowl separation design, detachable grain storage barrel, even the internal structure can be removed and washed one by one, to solve the owner’s worries about food hygiene


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