Downtown Pet Supply Slow Feed Food Bowl, Fun Maze Puzzle Designs


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  • Vibrant Colors and Designs: These slow feeders are available in three super fun designs and bright colors. The Waffle feeder is orange, the bowl with Fishbone design is Pink, and the Lime Green Bowl is Maze shaped.
  • Slows Eating: There are 3 main benefits to slow feeders for pets. First, their anti-scoff design helps to prevent choking (and vomiting) in overeager dogs and cats. Second, it keeps the area around their food bowl much neater. Lastly, it is a healthier option as it has numerous health benefits, including prevent obesity and overeating.
  • Aids Digestion: The ergonomic designs of these slow feeders stimulate your pet to eat properly. This makes them more satisfied and less likely to suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, gastric dilation volvus, and indigestion.
  • Easy to Clean: These slow feed bowl designs are simple and easy to clean. Unlike other slow feeders with nooks and areas where gunk, bacteria, and saliva can build up, these feeders are specially designed to rinse easily without scrubbing.
  • Quality Materials: Your dog only deserves to eat out of the highest-quality bowls and feeders. We ensure that these light and portable bowls are safe and non-toxic.

Product details

Why Choose Downtown Pet Supply’s Slow Feed Bowls? 

  • Premium Non-Toxic Materials
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Light and Portable 
  • Vibrant Designs and Colors!
  • Anti-Scoff design prevents choking and vomiting
  • Benefits of Slower Eating
    • Aids Digestion
    • Increases satisfaction 
    • prevents gastro-intestinal problems 
      • no bloating
      • no gastric dillation volvus
      • decrease indigestion


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