jjayotai Health and Beauty Clearance Cracked Nail Repair Gel Broken Nails Repair


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Cracked Nail Repair Gel Broken Nails Repair Nail Art Nail Care
It is only used on nails, please do not your fingers or any bare skin because your hands contain Don’t break your nails! Cracked nails may contain and further cause nail infections. Cracked nail repair gel can instantly repair any nail cracks, while providing a transparent protective layer on these nail cracks, thereby increasing the speed of nail recovery and preventing injuries/bacterial infections.
Only suitable for UV lamps
Can I apply nail polish after repairing it? After the manicure, you can apply nail polish, soak gel oil, or even 3D nail decoration at will. Just make sure that the gel is completely dry and completely covers the cracks. Repair gel V.S. silk nail wrap? Need to trim the nail wrap to fit your crack size. They can also only be applied to healthy nail beds and enamels to ensure a smooth painting process. But our repair gel can be used without a complicated process. It can also flexibly fill nail cracks of any size-one layer should be applied to tiny cracks, and more layers should be applied to larger cracks. feature:
Repair broken nails immediately fill and repair nail cracks.
Strengthen the nails to form a transparent protective layer on the nail cracks, which helps to increase the recovery speed of the nails and prevent injuries/bacterial infections.


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