Small Large Dog Octopus Toys For Dog Funny Chew Durable Knot Cotton


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Dog toy



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Product Description:
Item Type:Pet Toy
Toys Type:Chew Toy
Material:Cotton Rope
Target Audience:Dogs
Size:10 cm/3.94″*6.5 cm/2.56″

1. Material: the toy adopts exquisite and soft cotton rope, which is harmless for the pets. The environment-friendly material is non-toxic and non-smell. It is also resistant to wear and chew, and the toy has a long service life.
2. Lovely Appearance: the design of the toys is the octopus, which is different and unique, and it can arouse the curiosity of dogs.
3. Safe: It adopts environmental protection dyeing treatment, and pets can chew it safely to clean their teeth, which is beneficial for improving the oral health.
4. Solve Boredom: enhance pet intelligence, increase the fun for the pets and let them be willing to play the toy, instead of the owners, it can accompany the dogs when sleeping to let them feel safe.
5. Good Friends: playing toys can help them ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure to keep them healthy mentally and physically. It can be as the ornament to decorate the nest.


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