Voyager by Best Pet Supplies – Dual-attachment No-Pull Adjustable Harness


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THE PERFECT HARNESS FOR YOUR LITTLE FURRY EXPLORER Designed for Adventure Whether you’re going out for a run with your pup, taking them on a hike, or tagging them along on that family camping trip, the Voyager dual-attachment harness brings on the toughness to handle the adventure! Everything from the high-quality materials to the extra-strong stitching is designed to ensure maximum durability. And this all-new pet harness comes with highly reflective 3M piping to keep your furry friend perfectly visible during those night and early morning walks. So now that adventure will not only be a total thrill but a safe experience as well. Comfort Epitomized This really is one of the comfiest harnesses in our entire collection. Your pup will love the padded panels that feel cushy on their skin, and unlike other harnesses that commonly cause chaffing around the underarms, the Voyager’s cut treats your pooch to unrestricted movement. 


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